Pierre de Cabrières et Pierre de Belle-Étoile

Harry Booyens



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Having studied the Huguenot families from the Luberon region of Provence in France over the past few years, the author has found that there is a fundamental flaw in the popular picture of the progenitors of the Jordaan family in South Africa. The present work seeks to address this matter and to correct the genealogical structure of the two very distinct early Jourdan families in South Africa. The original work by De Villiers and Pama incorrectly assigned some of the children and omitted one Pierre Jourdan. This error has now permeated throughout the South African genealogical community and has assumed the stature of a truth. In the process the erroneous structure also married cousins to one another, whereas, in reality, the two spouses were quite unrelated. The real story is far more interesting.


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